Hey, Star Wars fans! Ready to take your party from a quiet night at the Mos Eisley Cantina to an epic celebration on the Forest Moon of Endor? These 14 Star Wars-themed drinking games are guaranteed to get the force flowing and the laughs erupting like fireworks on Naboo. Grab your drinks (blue milk for the younglings and Jedi Mind Tricks for the adults), and let’s get this party started!

1. Han Shot First

Han Shot First

A quick-draw game that settles the age-old debate once and for all. You’ll need a quick referee for this one.

  • How to Play:
    • Players sit in a circle with their drinks ready.
    • At random intervals, the referee shouts “Han shot!”.
    • The last person to grab their drink and take a sip plays the unfortunate Greedo and has to take an extra shot or sip.
    • Keep the rounds fast and unpredictable to add to the fun!

2. The Force Is Strong With This One

The Force Is Strong With This One

Test your Star Wars knowledge and your ability to hold your liquor with this trivia-based game.

  • How to Play:
    • Players take turns asking Star Wars trivia questions. These can range from super easy to “only a Sith would know” levels of difficulty.
    • Get the question right, and you choose someone to drink. Get it wrong, and you drink.
    • Spice it up by making anyone who answers with “I have a bad feeling about this” take a double sip.

3. Cantina Band Karaoke

Cantina Band Karaoke

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to sing along with Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes?

  • How to Play:
    • Set up a playlist with all the iconic Star Wars tunes, including, of course, the Cantina Band song.
    • Players take turns doing their best rendition of the song currently playing. Bonus points for enthusiasm and dance moves!
    • After each performance, the audience rates it from 1 to 10. Scores below 5 mean the performer takes a drink, but scores of 7 or above mean everyone else drinks.

4. Wookiee Roar Contest

Wookiee Roar Contest

Find out who in your group has the vocal cords to match Chewbacca’s legendary roar.

  • How to Play:
    • Players take turns doing their best Wookiee roar.
    • The roars are then voted on by the rest of the party. The person with the least Wookiee-like roar drinks, while the winner gets to choose two people to take a celebratory sip.
    • For an extra challenge, have participants hold a mouthful of drink while roaring. Just try not to spit it out laughing!

5. Escape from the Death Star

Escape from the Death Star

A team game that involves strategy, luck, and a bit of drinking.

  • How to Play:
    • Set up a simple board with “rooms” that lead from the heart of the Death Star to the exit. Each room has a challenge or a drink.
    • Players split into two teams, Rebels trying to escape and Imperials trying to catch them.
    • Roll a die to move through the rooms. Landing in a room could mean taking a shot, challenging an opponent to a trivia question, or if you’re lucky, getting a free pass to the next room.
    • First team to get all members out (or catch the Rebels) wins. Losers take a consolation drink.

6. Admiral Ackbar’s “It’s a Trap!”

Admiral Ackbar's "It's a Trap!"

This game is all about deception and surprise, much like navigating through an asteroid field or avoiding a trap set by the Empire.

  • How to Play:
    • Prepare a tray of shots, some filled with water and others with a clear spirit.
    • Players take turns choosing a shot at random. Before drinking, they shout, “It’s a trap!” or “All clear!”
    • If they correctly guess the content of their shot, they get to nominate someone else to go next. If they’re wrong, they take another shot.
    • Play continues until the galaxy is at peace, or you run out of shots, whichever comes first.

7. Droid Identification Challenge

Perfect for those who pride themselves on knowing every droid in the galaxy, from R2-D2 to BB-8.

  • How to Play:
    • Flash images of different droids from the Star Wars universe on a screen.
    • Players shout out the name of the droid. The last one to answer, or anyone who gets it wrong, takes a drink.
    • Throw in some obscure droids for an extra challenge. May the most knowledgeable fan win!

8. Jedi vs. Sith Pong

A twist on the classic beer pong, where the fate of the galaxy (or at least your evening) hangs in the balance.

  • How to Play:
    • Set up two teams: Jedi and Sith, each with their side of the table and cups arranged in a formation.
    • Players take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups.
    • If a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must drink the contents and remove the cup.
    • The first team to eliminate all the opposing team’s cups wins the battle for the galaxy. Remember, no using the Force to guide your shots!

9. Star Wars Scene It

Star Wars Scene It

For those who’ve watched the movies more times than they can count and are ready to prove their scene-recognition skills.

  • How to Play:
    • Play short clips or show stills from the Star Wars films without sound.
    • Players race to identify the scene. The first to shout it out gets to pick someone to drink. Get it wrong, and you drink.
    • For added fun, include scenes from the animated series or even the Holiday Special for the ultimate challenge.

10. Galactic Empire Says

Galactic Empire Says

A Star Wars take on “Simon Says,” where the Galactic Empire commands and you must follow… or drink.

  • How to Play:
    • One player is designated as the Galactic Empire for each round and gives out commands starting with “The Galactic Empire says…” followed by a Star Wars-themed action, like “jump like Jar Jar” or “wield your lightsaber.”
    • If the Galactic Empire doesn’t say “The Galactic Empire says” before the command and you do it, you take a drink.
    • Switch the role of the Galactic Empire after a few rounds to keep things interesting.

11. Blaster Battles

Channel your inner Han Solo or Leia Organa with a game that tests your aim under pressure, no Stormtroopers training required.

  • How to Play:
    • Set up cups in a line on each side of the table, representing each player’s “health.”
    • Players use a Nerf gun or similar toy blaster to shoot at the opposing player’s cups from across the table.
    • Each time a cup is hit, the owner takes a sip from their drink.
    • The first player to hit all the opponent’s cups wins the duel. May your aim be true!

12. Rogue One Roulette

Rogue One Roulette

A game of chance and strategy, inspired by the daring rebels of Rogue One. It’s as unpredictable as a mission behind enemy lines.

  • How to Play:
    • Place various shots on a spinning tray or Lazy Susan in the center of the table, some tasty and some…not so much (think pickle juice or hot sauce).
    • Players take turns spinning the tray and drinking the shot it stops in front of.
    • Before taking their shot, they must declare which member of the Rogue One team they’re channeling. Missions were never meant to be easy!

13. Escape the Sarlacc

Escape the Sarlacc

A suspenseful game that simulates the treacherous escape from the Sarlacc’s pit. It’s all about survival and quick thinking.

  • How to Play:
    • Create a deck of cards with different actions on them (take a sip, take a shot, nominate someone, etc.), mixed with a few “Sarlacc” cards.
    • Players take turns drawing cards and performing the actions.
    • If a player draws a Sarlacc card, they must complete a challenge (decided by the group) to escape, or face a drinking penalty.
    • It’s a game of fate, just like Boba Fett’s daring escape.

14. The Last Jedi Stand

The Force Is Strong With This One

This endurance game will test who can remain a Jedi Knight until the end of the night. Patience and resilience are key.

  • How to Play:
    • Everyone starts with a drink in hand.
    • At random intervals, someone shouts “The Force Awakens!” Everyone must stand and finish their drink.
    • The last person standing or the first to finish becomes the Last Jedi and gets to make a rule (like “no using first names”) that everyone must follow for the rest of the party.
    • Break the rule, and you face the drinking consequences.

With these drinking games, your Star Wars-themed party is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night of interstellar fun. Just remember, as Yoda might say if he were here, “Drink responsibly, you must.” Have fun, and May the force (and a good hangover remedy) be with you!

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