As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month, we strive to use our paper crafts as a call for strength for those who need it. Join us and participate in our annual Be Brave Card Drive.

Featured project supplies include: Be Brave Stamp Set SS-0148| Chosen Family Stamp Set SS-0458| Chosen Family Die Set DI-0320| 

We are calling on all of you! Create a handmade inspiration card and send it to the Journey Station using your unique designs. We’ll send them to a Breast Cancer non-profit organization to give these encouraging messages to patients in need.

Last year, we received about 475 cards. This year, we hope to get at least 500.

Please send in your 4 ¼” X 5 ½” cards to the Journey Station by Friday, October 27th.

Be Brave Stamp Set:
This card drive is named after our Be Brave Stamp Set. It supports awareness and acknowledge the bravery and perseverance of the patients affected by this illness and the family and friends who stand by their side.

Frequently Asked Questions (please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments):

Q; Where do I send the card? 
Please mail it to Fun Stampers Journey Attn: Be Brave 1125 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Building 4, Suite 141, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Q: Are there design requirements?
All that we ask is that you limit the size of the card to 4 ¼” X 5 ½” for ease of mailing. You can create the card using anything you wish. You are not required to use the Be Brave Stamp Set.

Q: What if I don’t have FSJ products, can I still participate?
Absolutely! We will accept all contributions. This is not a sales gimmick by any means. We host this Be Brave Card Drive solely for the benefit of the card recipients.

Q: Can I purchase the Be Brave Stamp Set?
Yes. Purchase the Be Brave Stamp Set. Please note: you are not required to use the stamp set to submit a card.

Q: How many cards can I send you?
As many as you want!

Q: Is there a deadline?
We would like to receive all cards by October 27th if possible. However, if we receive yours a later we will still send it to the non-profit.

Q: Can I write a personal message inside the card?
Absolutely! Please keep in mind, the cards will be distributed to patients at varying stages of care as well as the patients’ families. You may wish to write a generic inspirational message.

Q: Do I include an envelope with my card?
This is not necessary. However, if you would like to we will deliver the envelopes along with your card.


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Please let us know if you have any other questions. We look forward to seeing your cards.

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