Angel Policy

All Fun Stampers Journey designs are copyrighted by Journey Blooms, Inc. and cannot be copied without Journey Blooms, Inc. permission. Fun Stampers Journey encourages its Journey Coaches and customers to use its products in projects. Therefore, Fun Stampers Journey’s Angel Policy grants limited permission (a license) to purchasers of Fun Stampers Journey stamps to create hand-stamped artwork for sale. Fun Stampers Journey allows Journey Coaches and their customers to sell their hand-stamped cards and projects at a variety of outlets (retail stores, online, craft events, etc.) as long as each is hand created. Fun Stampers Journey does not limit the types of hand-stamped creations that may be sold under this policy, within reasonable standards of good taste. The terms and conditions of this "Angel Policy" are outlined below:

  1. Fun Stampers Journey designs may only be used in the creation of original, hand-stamped artwork.
  2. We encourage the use of Fun Stampers Journey products in the creation of projects to be submitted to publications or online; please ensure product credit is given to the Fun Stampers Journey brand. Any failure by Fun Stampers Journey to enforce any of its rights does not constitute a waiver of such rights.
  3. No stamp design may be reproduced or copied by any means, except hand-stamping, including photocopying, computer scanning and printing, or by freehand drawing. Artwork for sale must be personally hand-stamped by the selling artist, and any mass production or use of paid workers is prohibited.<.li>
  4. Completed hand-stamped artwork may be sold at a variety of outlets (retail stores, online, craft events, etc.) as long as each is hand created. It should be understood that the projects for sale are the creation of the Journey Coach or customer, and not products sold by the company. We discourage our Journey Coaches from selling digitally or electronically reproduced projects.
  5. In the sale of hand-stamped artwork, Fun Stampers Journey trademarks and logos may not be used prominently or in any manner which might lead consumers to believe the hand-stamped artwork itself is a Fun Stampers Journey product.
  6. Hand-stamped artwork may be sold alone or in conjunction with Fun Stampers Journey products.
  7. Those who participate in creating handmade items for sale are responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses and complying with all state and federal tax collecting/reporting regulations and assume all responsibility and liability.
  8. Fun Stampers Journey designs and images may not be used in non-Fun Stampers Journey business logos, trademarks, or promotional materials.
  9. Fun Stampers Journey may amend its policies governing the use of its copyrighted designs and images, including the Angel Policy, at any time. Amendments to such policies are effective upon publication unless otherwise noted and will be posted on the official Fun Stampers Journey Website. Fun Stampers Journey reserves the right to deny or terminate permission to use Fun Stampers Journey designs and images with respect to any particular person.


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