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Honoring Brandy
OCT 22

I would like to nominate Brandy Penn-Davies for the Be Brave Challenge. A year ago the day after Thanksgiving Brandy started her breast cancer Journey. From the moment she found out she was determined to beat breast cancer!

She just finished her last rounds of chemo and radiation 4 weeks ago this week at the age of 72!!!!  Her words to anyone are “Never give up, be positive, laugh, say ‘Here I am’ and realize how lucky you are.”

Throughout Brandy’s journey she was always smiling and strong.  She told me she never let anything other than positive thoughts drive her.  I truly believe Brandy’s positive attitude is why she beat cancer at 72. Even more amazing is she is now back to work at a job she has held for 30 years smiling and showing so many of us that she has beat breast cancer!

Brandy is a true inspiration to me and so many others, a brave survivor, and friend!

- Cindy Echtinaw


This photo was taken on October 16th at Gilda Radner’s Gilda’s Club Cancer & Grief fundraiser. Brandy is on the left, Cindy on the right. 

Comments (3)

Cindy Echtinaw 3 years ago

I should have noted in the story that I met Brandi thru Diane, our very loving, giving, amazing, beautiful friend who worked with Brandy many years ago and even sponsored a whole table at the fundraiser! Early on Brandy's Journey I made her a beautiful glass bead pink bracelet to let her know we all support, love ,and care about her and her Journey and I hope at 72 I look as good as Brandy does as she is truly beautiful on the inside and out!

Lynn Leusch 3 years ago

What a wonderful story to share! Brandy, you are an inspiration. BTW, you look amazing!

Rosemary Paul 1 year ago

Way to go!
Speaking as a 30+ year survivor myself all I can say to those on any cancer journey is to "Never give up, never surrender".
Take care and journey on.


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