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Fun Stampers Journey Yummy and Delicious Tour

We are excited to announce:

Fun Stampers Journey presents…The Yummy and Delicious Tour!

The Yummy and Delicious Tour will be traveling across the nation sharing lots of yummy surprises and delicious projects and showcasing a brand new collection!

Mark your calendar! It is sure to be a Yummy and Delicious event!

Location                                  Date

Phoenix, AZ                           03/27 - 03/28/15     Phoenix Convention Center

Portland, OR                         05/15 – 05/16/15    Portland Convention Center

Kansas City, KS                   06/26 – 06/27/15    Kansas City Convention Center

Virginia Beach, VA              08/14 – 08/15/15    Virginia Beach Convention Center

Austin, TX                              08/28 – 08/29/15    Austin Convention Center

Minneapolis, MN                  09/18-09/19/15     Minneapolis Convention Center

Registration will open for the Phoenix event on February 3rd with an early bird fee of $99. Stay tuned for more information.